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RAF High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Client: Royal Air Force

Cost: £19,988

Date: N/A

Genre: Education, Landscape

Snug Evolution, helps inspire creativity play

RAF High Wycombe launched a project to help integrate the armed forces and civilian communities at RAF High Wycombe. The project was to provide opportunities for integration and improve perceptions, attitudes and understanding between the two communities. With funds secured from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund – small grants programme, Sutcliffe Play’s SNUG kit formed an integral part of this project. The local schools, early years settings and event organisers were all consulted on the plans to bring SNUG to the local community.

RAF High Wycombe early years setting, The House at Pooh Corner, secured the funding to not only improve the outdoor play space at the centre, but to offer the SNUG play equipment on loan to the community.

Snug is portable, weather proof and requires no installation or safety surfacing, making it ideal for the project. It is soft and tactile yet robust enough to withstand the rigours of child play. Snug allows children to take control of their play and helps them to learn through physical and imaginative play.

The kit comprises of large scale, inter-related, colourful, flexible shapes which are easy to fit together and can be moved, locked or taken apart by children, used individually or together as part of a landscape.

Snug is designed to transform bleak spaces into dynamic and creative playscapes for children to explore, create, discover and learn, whilst stimulating natural exercise to expend energy.

“As SNUG is being used as mobile provision, the feedback from a variety of community groups has been very positive, from the local village fete, to BEN Club & AIRPLAY (youth groups funded by the RAF Benevolent Fund for children aged 5-19years) and our local Bumps & Babes and Toddler Group.  All ages absolutely love the equipment.”

“SNUG has been very popular when ‘out & about’ in the community and has infinitely added to the play opportunities for local children of all ages.  SNUG is about to be used in the local school fete and then will remain in situ until the end of term to enable all year groups in the school the opportunity to experience SNUG.”

“As a qualified and experienced play worker I am passionate about the SNUG kit and the play value of it.”

Danielle Bowman C2, Community Development Officer – RAF High Wycombe

Playground Equipment:

Cone: The Cone provides a meeting point and introduces a vertical structure to the playground. It can be jumped onto and hidden behind, it is perfect for hugging and bouncing off.

Bump: Perfect for jumping off, bouncing on or rocking and spinning on, the Bump can be used to create pathways or linked to other elements using Noodles.

Cog: The Cog can be used to create pathways or can be linked to other elements using noodles. It can also be used as a building block as it fits over both the Bump and the Cone quite easily.

Wave: This versatile building unit has two distinct sides – a softer waved surface and a hard, flat side. Together they can be used to create platforms for performing and dancing, lounging areas, raised walkways, barriers and walls.

Wall: Versatile and flexible, the Wall can be used horizontally and vertically. Children can stand it on its side to create a curved wall or a den, turn it on its back to become a rocking cradle, or place it on its feet to become a tunnel or raised walkway.

Noodle: Offering unlimited possibilities, the Noodle can be used for connecting and building.

Pad: Perfect for teaming with other elements, the Pad provides a robust but soft base for the spider as well as the roof for the Loop circle or walls.

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