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NHS Trust, Hull

Client: Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Cost: West End Children's Unit: £27,500 Walker Street Children's Centre: £54,000

Date: 01/07/2013

Genre: Community, Inclusive

Meetings the needs of children at NHS in Hull, the 'City of Culture', 2014

NHS We have designed two new play areas with the Humber NHS Foundation Trust: an exciting, imaginative playground at the West End Children’s Unit and an inclusive play area for all abilities at The Children’s Centre on Walker Street.

The West End Children’s Centre is available to children who are experiencing emotional, behavioural and/or mental health problems that require more intensive input than can be offered on an outpatient basis alone.

The centre’s play area has an important role in the children’s lives as an area where they can let off steam, socialise with their friends and push personal boundaries in a safe environment. However, the old equipment was deemed to be no longer suitable and needed replacing.

We created an exciting new playground featuring a unit from Mission, a range designed for older children which encourages children to take part in high energy, invigorating play. The unit is designed around a small circular traverse which encourages children to game play and keep off the ground, as well as a unique open ‘bannister bar’ slide and an exciting pole spin.

The playground also features a Hang Glide, a unique unit where the user hangs on by their hands to a rubber ring as they zip down the cableway, testing upper body strength.

We were also tasked with designing an exciting play area at the Children’s Centre on Walker Street which would be suitable for children of all abilities aged from 2 years to teenagers.

The playground features equipment such as an inclusive Scramble and Slide unit with a secure ‘U’ shaped slide with easy access and egress and a Minizone unit which enables children of all abilities to explore sounds. New full colour safety surface with a bright new paver brick edging has been installed to help differentiate the safety surface for the visually impaired.

Lisa Adcock, Superintendent Physiotherapist for The Children’s Centre, said: “This is a fantastic facility for children of all ages and abilities who use Walker Street Children’s Centre. The specialist play equipment is thoughtfully designed to be accessible for disabled children but also has features to be challenging for more able children.”

Playground Equipment:

West End Children’s Centre

Mission: Foxfire

Designed for older juniors, Mission offers testing physical play opportunities and encourages high energy, invigorating play. The new Foxfire multi unit is designed around a small circular traverse which encourages children to game play and keep off the ground. It has a unique open slide called a bannister bar and a pole spin on which children love to rotate as fast as they can and get dizzy.

Mission: Glide

The glide adds a compact exciting zip-line to any area which requires upper body strength to hang from the rubber hand ring. The glide speeds down to a gentle stop spring, and a tether is incorporated to bring the trolley back to the start.

Children’s Centre, Walker Street

Inclusive Scramble and Slide Unit

This inclusive unit features a drag ramp, inclusive scramble net and steps leading to a deck and 1.2m high slide. The slide has a ‘U’ shaped chute, allowing children to slide securely down the centre, and features a raised start section at the top and one-sided open run-out section at the bottom to allow helpers to give side support.

Minizone – Musical Chairs

Created for children aged 1 – 4, Minizone offers unique interactive features. This unit has two low decks which create a stage for children to make a range of sounds via drums, a chime post and a mini megaphone, enabling children of all abilities to explore sounds in a safe and creative environment.

Inclusive Dish Roundabout

One of Sutcliffe Play’s most inclusive products, this rotating dish can be used for very fast, dynamic play. Good body support and security is provided by the dish shape, and the angle of the dish and its height make side transfer possible and minimise the lifting required by helpers.

Small Seesaw

This tried and tested seesaw enables adults to sit or stand with a child to help balance them on the equipment.


The playground features two springies, including a Helicopter Springie which was specifically designed for more inclusive play. It offers a seating arrangement that allows the child to get on and off without assistance and gives good support whilst rocking.

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