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Milton Malsor Parish Council

Client: Milton Malsor Parish Council

Cost: £83,000

Date: Completed September 2010

Genre: Landscape, Community

Playing Field Transformed into New Village Park


Sutcliffe Play has worked with Milton Malsor Parish Council to transform an under-used playing field into a destination play area and meeting place for families. The Parish Council wanted a central grassy ‘Games’ plot surrounded by ‘Adventure’, ‘Social’, ‘Tots’ and ‘Traditional’ areas. The project was well supported by residents and local societies, who expressed a desire for tree planting, landscaping, seats and picnic tables’. Creating a durable playground that all ages could enjoy was very important to the Parish Council.


The Parish Council commissioned a Parish Plan. One of its recommendations was the provision of better facilities for young people. The council responded with a seven year plan to gradually build up funding to replace, or add to, the existing old play equipment of swings, roundabout, slide and seesaw.

As part of the ‘Playbuilder’ scheme consultation was carried out with children and young people at the school, the scouts and brownies and youth forum. In addition a list of questions for both parents and children were delivered to all village houses. The responses were good and informed the choice of play items for the 8-13 age group.

Design and Build

The Parish Council obtained three quotations and layouts from reputable suppliers. These were displayed on the Parish Council’s web site and at the village hall for comment. Following a further round of consultation with children, young people and villagers, Sutcliffe Play was selected as the company to work with on the basis of quality, design, value for money and prompt cooperation.

Sutcliffe Play began work on the site mid August 2010 and completed exactly on programme – including an independent safety inspection. Following this tree and shrub planting began to a design provided by a village garden centre, the rabbit fence was fixed, daffodils placed around the trees, wildflowers spread through the Adventure and Social areas and the picnic tables, rubbish bins and seats fixed in place. Most of this follow up work was done by the Parish Council’s elderly project team on bitter autumn days!

The official opening of the new Village Park took place on May Day as spring time is when local mothers advised their children most talked about wanting to play on the park.

Playground Equipment:

Sutcliffe Play designed a playground to meet all ages and abilities. The Adventure Zone included a range of equipment that encourages challenging and social play including the Aktivzone Unit and Single Point Tyre Swing. The Rotating Beam and 25m Cable Ride provide exciting locomotive play options.

The Tots Zone features a range of inclusive equipment including the Hide & Slide Unit. This unit offers three levels of access to a 1.2m high slide, up a ramp, a ladder or a ring climb. There is a hidden social seating area under the main deck, where little ones can sit, chat and hide.

Aktivzone Unit: Featuring exciting elements such as a climbing wall, fireman’s pole and hanging rings, this piece of play equipment encourages challenging and social play.

Overhead Rotator: This very challenging piece of play equipment strengthens the upper body as it both undulates and rotates.

25m Cable Ride: This piece of Kaiser & Kühne play equipment offers a dynamic and fun way for children to play.

Inclusive Single Point Tyre Swing: ThisKaiser & Kühne tyre swing encourages social play between children.

Rotating Balance Beam: Walking onthis long, rubber-covered rotating beam mirrors walking along a wobbly tree trunk or wall. As just staying on is difficult, this piece of play equipment is excellent for developing balance and coordination skills.

Big Seesaw: This seesaw has a longer beam which delivers more movement and play value, and ergonomic soft seats.

Inclusive Playhouse:  Children love to play in their own little house! This inclusive playhouse features play panels for children to explore, with music pipes and a puzzle panel.

Inclusive Hide & Slide Unit: This exciting unit offers three levels of access to a 1.2m high slide, via a ramp, a ladder or a ring climb. It also features hidden social seating under the main deck and look-out binoculars.

Inclusive Dish Roundabout: One of Sutcliffe Play’s most inclusive pieces of play equipment, this rotating dish can be used for fast, dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion, along with the good body support and security given by the dish shape, make this dish accessible to all. The angle of the dish and its height make side transfer possible and minimise the lifting required by helpers.

Inclusive Trio Rocker:  This rocker features a central handle which gets the rocker moving vigorously. The lower part of the handle provides support for a child sitting. Slip resistant even when wet, the platform provides good cushioning if children fall and low noise as sounds are dampened.

Inclusive Spring Rocker: This spring rocker is specifically designed for more inclusive play. Its seating arrangement allows a child to get on and off without assistance and gives good support whilst rocking.

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