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Mapledurham, Reading

Client: Reading Borough Council

Cost: £94,000

Date: 2019

Genre: Community, Inclusive

Dynamic new play area for Mapledurham

Reading Borough Council wanted to replace their existing play area on Mapledurham Playing Fields, which was very tired and as a result, underused. It was a priority that high quality, inclusive equipment was provided so that children of all ages and abilities can play together.

The new playground is part of the Council’s larger improvement work to the playing fields to improve facilities for all local residents and park users. It sits alongside the Department for Education’s work to build The Heights Primary School at this same location.

The old play area has been replaced with a larger new dynamic playground, with improved accessibility. The new equipment has been designed for toddlers and children up to the age of twelve and provides a range of facilities for children of all abilities.

At the centre of the new play area, the imposing Mission Foxfire unit caters to juniors, testing their strength and agility. Designed around a small circular traverse, it offers physical play including climbing, balancing and traversing with banister rails, nets, climbing wall and stepping poles.

For toddlers and younger children the Inclusive Pull Up unit incorporates three challenging levels of activity with a drag ramp, climbing pole, slide and binoculars offering physical and social stimulation.

Further inclusive equipment includes springies, in friendly and familiar bee and ladybird designs, and a scooter roundabout. Designed to accept a centrally positioned wheelchair, the Inclusive Scooter roundabout is also fitted with a seat and deck mounted scooter, enabling children to propel the roundabout with ease.

Wipe-out, a balancing board for children age 8-15 years, and a fast moving Quad Flyer aimed at older children and teenagers, complete the dynamic and stimulating new play area.

“The new play area is looking fabulous and I’m sure local children will really enjoy the new improved facilities. We know the old playground was very tired and as a result, little used. We anticipate the new playground will prove very popular and well used, given its location near the new school and the work to improve the park’s footpath network.”

Councillor Deborah Edwards, Chair of the Mapledurham Playing Fields Trustees Sub Committee

All photos and video copyright of Reading Borough Council’

Playground Equipment:

Inclusive Bee Springie

Our springie with a Bee image, familiar to all children, has a yellow body with contrasting black stripes and little wings.

Bee Springie

Pablo Penguin Seesaw

Pablo the Penguin seesaw springie uses the inspiration of the seaside & the arctic tundra. An instantly recognisable image that all children are familiar with!


Small Trampoline

Fantastic fun, these trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination. The single trampoline is suitable for one child only, but can be installed alongside several others in a line, or a square. This trampoline comes with its own rubber edging. The larger trampoline is suitable for two children playing together.


Inclusive Playzone Pull-up

This unit accommodates a shallow drag ramp access and a transfer platform that any child with upper body strength can play on, incorporating three challenging levels of access.

Pull Up

 Flush level inclusive roundabout

This inground roundabout has been designed to accept a centrally positioned wheelchair and is available in two configurations. The Inclusive Scooter version is fitted with a two-user seat and deck mounted scooter. Children can stand on the scooter and using their outer foot positioned over the perimeter deck plate, can propel the roundabout with ease.


Wipe out

The Wipe Out has been designed for children aged between 8-15 years old. This product requires good balance and co-ordination skills from the users. Wipe Out is an excellent product for encouraging social interaction.


Mission Foxfire

Designed around a small circular traverse, Foxfire is great for game playing and keeping off the ground. Even at the end of the banister rails, it’s just a couple of quick steps back onto the unit. For those who don’t want to join in the game playing, the spin pole out on its own provides another distinct play space.


Dynamic Quad Flyer

The Quad Flyer is a fast moving, dynamic product aimed at teenagers. This product has four user stations encouraging social interaction. Children can work together to produce a range of diverse movements which strengthens the upper body.


Inclusive Ladybird Springie

Our themed play, Ladybird Springie offers an image familiar to all children with a red body and contrasting black spots.

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