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Manor Heath sand & water play area, Halifax

Client: Calderdale Council

Cost: £35,000

Date: 01/08/2014

Genre: Community, Inclusive, landscape

Sand and water play, brings the seaside to Halifax

This summer we worked closely with Calderdale Council to install a state of the art sand and water play area which is now open at Manor Heath Park and brings a little bit of the seaside to Halifax in West Yorkshire.

This is the largest sand and water play area in Yorkshire and took two weeks to build and six hours to fill with sand. It is free and open all day, every day and is already proving a great success with visitors.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Steve Sweeney, said: “The water park at Manor Heath is fantastic.  The equipment, such as the sand digger and the water mill, allows the kids to be creative whilst having lots of fun. This is a great idea as it allows children to play outdoors in a safe environment and makes our public parks an appealing day out across all generations.”

We designed the sand and water play area, taking into consideration children of all abilities. We have installed a wide range of natural play equipment, including an exciting water play system, sand tables and a sand digger, giving children the opportunity to play and create.

Kevin Sellwood from Sutcliffe Play said: “Playing with water and sand is irresistible to children. The new sand and water play area was designed to encourage creative, cooperative play as children work together to dabble and dam with the water and sand. We’re sure children from the local area and beyond will continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.”

Manor Heath Park Manager, Peter Oddy said: “Public parks should have a range of facilities for people of all ages and at Manor Heath kids come to enjoy the park with their friends, parents and grandparents.”

Playground Equipment:

Water Play: Water’s tactile qualities, warm or cool, soft or forceful, are irresistible to children, holding their attention longer than any other play medium. Ever changing, water can be dammed, squirted, pooled or diverted into a myriad of channels, pipes and rills.

The equipment installed at Manor Heath Park included:

Square water table

Water troughs

Water dispensers

Water distributing table

Retaining weir

Mixing table

Water tank

Sand Play: Sand play has great appeal for children. When mixed with water, sand transforms into puddles, mud pies and sand castles. Great for encouraging co-operation, it enables children to dabble and dam together.

The sand play equipment installed included:

Sand play tables with sieves

Water/sand mill

Sand diggers.

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