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Inverness Playground

Client: Culcabock and Drakies Community Council

Cost: £84,000

Date: 01/10/2012

Genre: Landscape, Community, Youth

Community choose exciting playground equipment

Sutcliffe Play Scotland has worked with Culcabock and Drakies Community Council to create a challenging, dynamic adventure playground for children in Inverness.  Choosing playground equipment from the Sutcliffe Play range helped with the consultation process to achieve this.

The company was tasked with creating a playground at Drakies Park which would meet the aspirations of the community and local children, following a whole community survey by the Community Council which highlighted a lack of good quality play facilities for young people

Sucliffe Play Scotland and Culcabock and Drakies Community Council held a consultation event with 68 children from the local primary school, during which they watched videos, took part in table discussions and pasted catalogue images into scale plans of the area.

The exercise was followed up with questionnaires, the results of which helped Sutcliffe Play Scotland create a design based on the requirements of the children and the community.

The playground features challenging, physical equipment including a trampoline, an exciting Playzone climbing unit and a ‘sling shot’, a dynamic piece of equipment for fast play which includes a rope swing for sitting or standing and overhead handles for children to hang and spin around.

“Sutcliffe Play Scotland delivered and installed the equipment on time and within budget and the area is now a hive of activity for young people, not only from our own housing estate but from other parts of Inverness,” says Etta MacKay, Chairman of Culcabock and Drakies Community Council.

“Throughout the process Sutcliffe were helpful and accommodating and we would be happy to consider them in any future venture”




Playground Equipment:

Large Dish Roundabout: One of Sutcliffe Play Scotland’s most inclusive items, this rotating dish can be used for very fast, dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion combined with the body support and security provided by the dish shape make this swing accessible to all.

2.4m High Nest Swing: Designed to hold several young children and those with special needs, this nest swing encourages teamwork in play.

Sling-shot: One of Sutcliffe Play Scotland’s most dynamic items, the sling shot enables fun, fast play.

2-way 25m Timber Cableway c/w start platforms: The park features two cableways installed side by side, allowing children to play together  and ‘zip’ down the lines beside each other.  Cable rides are dynamic, fun play items great for open access play spaces. Noise and friction is reduced by a trolley mechanism with polyamide rollers and a spring system at the finish ensures a safe, controlled ride to the end. An integral brake prevents the seat moving on the cable when not in use.

Small Trampoline: Trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination

Adventure Tree House: This exciting adventure house is a bespoke unit created especially for the site, combining elements of Sutcliffe Play’s popular Tree House and Playzone Assault Course units. It features a high tower which gives the feeling of being up in the trees and has a deck with seating to encourage social play. A challenging climbing wall, hoop climber and climbing net help to develop agility and strength.

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