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Green Point Urban Park, South Africa

Client: City of Cape Town

Cost: £17,160

Date: 01/03/2011

Genre: Community, Youth, Inclusive

Sutcliffe Play is Part of World Cup Legacy


Equipment supplied by Sutcliffe Play is being enjoyed by children as part of a new ecological park in Cape Town, created as a legacy project of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Three important principles for the design of Green Point Park were sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity.


The play area is situated in Green Point Urban Park, a new sustainability-driven public park built beside Cape Town Stadium. The client was the City of Cape Town and the park designed by landscape architects OvP Associates, the park features cycle and running paths, indigenous landscaping and a Biodiversity Showcase Garden as well as a toddlers’ play area and adventure play park.

“The play park has already been received with excitement,” says Sarah Chang of OvP Associates. “Before it was opened, children would stand beside the construction fence, watching the machinery, or point at certain items and chat excitedly. Many people stopped by to ask when it would be open.”

“It’s wonderful to see the children running around and enjoying themselves. The Sutcliffe Play equipment plays a major role in this.”

Design and Build

During the design process, OvP Associates consulted with educators, physiotherapists and occupational therapists from local schools. They enquired about their observations of which play activities children most appreciate and the needs of children in play.

We were then tasked with providing equipment which would be fun and useable for people of all physical abilities and would also be durable enough to withstand the coastal climate and high volumes of children visiting the park.

Playground Equipment:

Equipment selected, was chosen to enable inclusive play, including equipment suitable for a tree house. The tree house was built by Johan Theron and includes a climbing net, an inclusive slide and drag ramp climbers which enable children with limited mobility to pull themselves up with ropes and rubber grips. This allows the tree house to be used by each child according to his or her own abilities.

The play park also features inclusive equipment such as a nest swing, ramp, net, dish roundabout and boat seats.

We were also chosen to provide the seats for all the play park’s swings due to its reputation for well researched design and durability.

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