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Grange Road Play Area, Kent

Client: Medway Council

Cost: £55,000

Date: 01/04/2013

Genre: Landscape, Community, Youth

New play area brings colour to a former cemetry

Sutcliffe Play has created an exciting play area at a challenging and unique site within an old cemetery using a challenging unit from the Mission play equipment range.

Grange Road Play Area in Gillingham, Kent, is situated in the old municipal Grange Road Cemetery which is now closed, having seen its last burial in 1940. The site was granted faculties for the creation of small play areas in 1977 and 1994, one of which was on a concrete ‘raft’.

Recently, playground company Sutcliffe Play was challenged with installing exciting new equipment on the site as the old equipment had been tired and dated.

Sutcliffe Play installed a wide range of equipment including an oyster roundabout, nest swing, toddler swings, parrot springie, spring seesaw, Toddlerzone unit as well as the Mission unit.

Mission is designed to offer challenging physical play opportunities to help keep children fit and active.  The fully modular system includes ropes, nets, platforms and springboards to encourage climbing, traversing and descending in unique ways for high energy invigorating play.

Clare Lanes, Medway Council Greenspaces Development Officer, said: “The colourful new play equipment has been very well received by children from the area. It features both inclusive equipment alongside more challenging elements, and we have seen children of all ages and abilities playing together.

“The Mission unit in particular has had a great response, and has encouraged children to play actively and challenge themselves.”

The installation was particularly challenging due to the nature of the concrete surface. Sutcliff Play made the equipment to suit the site in relation to the depth of the concrete pad beneath. Plated footings were attached to extended posts and secured to the pad using chemical fixing bolts.

Existing materials on-site were re-used and incorporated into the base where possible to minimise the environmental impact of waste from the site.

Playground Equipment:

Oyster Roundabout: The Oyster Roundabout can be a fast, dynamic activity for older children or used as a social meeting point. With its rocking bearing it can provide a supportive environment for younger and less able children where a more gentle motion can be used  The flat platform is also advantageous in aiding access in and out of the dish.

Nest Swing: Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, this swing is designed like a bird’s nest. The seat is made of steel rope matting, with a padded rope ring around the edge.

Toddler Swings with Pod Seats: The pod seat is a revolutionary, technically superior seat for toddlers. It features advanced rubber technology around stainless steel cables to give it flexibility, so the pod actually hugs the child.

Spring Parrott: With an open front, Sutcliffe Play’s unique inclusive springies are specially shaped to allow children to get on and off themselves by simply reversing, sitting down or climbing up the open front with no lifting on necessary. Full support is then given by the specially shaped large saddle seat and a high back rail. A double foot rail prevents feet slipping back and under the springie and is particularly useful for smaller children.

Seesaw Springie: Exhilarating and fun to ride, the Seesaw Springie has easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends.                               

Toddlerzone Hide & Slide: Toddlerzone has been designed to provide a wide range of play opportunities. The range offers physical challenges such as climbing, balancing and coordination, along with seating and sheltered areas to encourage social play.

Special Mission Ghost: Designed for older juniors, Mission offers testing physical play opportunities, inviting children to take part in invigorating play.

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