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Nottinghamshire Woodland Area

Client: Thoresby Park

Cost: £29,000

Date: May 2019

Genre: Community and Landscape

Enchanting Woodland Play Area

Thoresby Park, a popular visitor destination in Nottinghamshire, wanted to create a playground as an additional attraction which would be fundamental in increasing foot traffic and visitor numbers to the site, giving families a reason to visit and an incentive to stay longer. It was important that the playground blended into the natural woodland setting and could be used not only as a play area but also for educational purposes, with resident bush craft instructors available on site to teach woodland craft to visitors.

The once overgrown site, dense with nettles and brambles, has been cleared to create an inviting forest clearing which is now home to the woodland play area. During the clearance work, two hard standing concrete pads were unearthed dating back to World War 2, which it is believed were used for tanks to turn around.

Given the setting, timber was the preferred and natural choice for the equipment. A combination of robinia and softwood was chosen to create diversity within the design, with equipment selected from our Orchard range.

Orchard is a range of environmentally friendly play equipment which encourages physical & imaginative play and social interaction. The wood-based units have been designed specifically to complement rural locations such as Thoresby Park, making it the ideal choice for the new play area, which now includes a variety of play opportunities.

The finished play area includes an Orchard Nest Swing, designed like a bird’s nest to take several young children and those with special needs, enabling children of all abilities to play together. The Orchard Teepee Slide offers adventurous and challenging play for older children. With three climbing nets which can be used to sit in and relax on or traverse across to the other side and a stainless steel slide, the play unit provides a challenging climbing experience.

All of our wooden equipment has a unique aluminium shoe that protects the base of the post once in the ground, with ventilation holes to keep the post dry, ensuring the products last for many years.

Balancing stilts, stepping posts, a fairy den and storytelling chair complete the ‘woodland wonderland’, adding an air of enchantment to the forest clearing, waiting to be discovered.

“We have been delighted with the play area and have received excellent feedback from visitors to the Park.  Sutcliffe Play helped us to design and install a rustic play area that provides a fun, imaginative and creative play space for children.”

Ben Perry – Commercial & Leisure Manager – Thoresby Park

Playground Equipment:

Orchard Tepee with slide

Teepee is a challenging wooden play unit where you can use one of three climbing sides to race to the top, or, it can be a simple den to ‘hide out’ in underneath.  With a second net in the middle there is another ‘den’ level to sit on or use it to cross over to the other side.

Tepee Slide

 Orchard Nest Swing

Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, the inclusive nest swing seat is designed like bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together.

Other Equipment:

Kinderland Viking hut with slide

Robina Balancing Stilts

Robina Archway

Timber stepping posts

Story telling chair

Robina fairies den

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