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Dyffryn Clydach, Neath Port Talbot, Wales

Client: Dyffryn Clydach Community Council

Cost: £100,000

Date: 01/02/2015

Genre: Inclusive, Community

Community input to new play area in Wales

The original park was on a sloping green field site that was poorly equipped and lacked adventurous outdoor fixed play equipment and a synthetic artificial turf pitch had been removed previously following the closure of a local school. The Community Council wanted to rejuvenate the space to provide exciting sports, play and meeting opportunities for children of all ages and families.  It was also important that the park was dog proof.

There was extensive community consultation as part of the Grant Applications. These included a household survey, consultation days staged by the Council’s Play Development Team with parents and children, interviews on site, an open forum with the Neath Port Talbot Youth Council, consultations held within the ‘Rolling Zone’ a mobile youth provision bus, letters of support from local Primary Schools and a review from the Play Sufficiency Assessment.

The playground now features Sutcliffe Play’s unique ball court system that accommodates most sporting activities including: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton and volleyball.

A range of dynamic equipment for older juniors has also been installed including a single point swing, sling shot and a low rotator. The low rotator is a challenging three station rotator, requiring strength, balance and co-ordination that allows children to control the speed themselves.

Equipment for toddlers includes a spring see saw, swings and a Toddler Zone unit that caters for both younger and older toddlers, including those with special needs. The unit is designed to be both inclusive and challenging. There’s an easy route for shuffling and crawling up a climb up ramp through to a low 0.9m slide, or a harder route up a ladder via a drag ramp to a higher 1.2m slide.

The playground was made dog proof by introducing fencing all around the area. A pedestrian gate and vehicle pedestrian gate were added for access.

“The new play area has put Dyffryn Clydach on the map!  The ball court and fixed play equipment is proving to be very popular and the Community Council is already thinking about adding more equipment in the years to come.

“I am very pleased with the work of the Sutcliffe Play Area Sales Manager who was responsive to our every need and helped us to succeed, despite what the weather had to throw at us in November and December!”

Paul Hinder, Project Development and Funding Manager, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council


  • The local Landfill Operator WREN (Waste Recycling and Environment)
  • Dyffryn Clydach Community Council (the Project Owner) Reserves
  • Minor Project Grant (MPG) from the County Council for Neath Port Talbot 

Playground Equipment:

Sling Rotator: One of our most dynamic items, fun and fast with two different activities which which includes a rope swing for sitting or standing and overhead handles for users to hang and spin around.

Low Rotator: This challenging three station rotator requires strength, balance and co-ordination. Children control the speed themselves, with centrifugal forces meaning that as they lean in, the rotator goes faster, as they lean out, it slows down.

Toddlerzone Two Slides unit: Catering for both younger and older toddlers and those with special needs, this unit is designed to be inclusive and challenging. There’s and easy route for shuffling and crawling up a climb up ramp through to a low 0.9m slide, or a harder route up a ladder via a drag ramp to a higher 1.2m slide.

Single Point Swing: This piece of play equipment is an exhilarating, free form swing on which children can sit or stand.  It can be used as a very dynamic piece of equipment or to give a more gentle motion for those less able, providing inclusive play.

Pole Spin: The Pole Spin is designed for one and two children to discover the effect of centrifugal forces, speeding up and slowing down by moving in and out from the central pole.

Spring See Saw: Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride. They have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

Toddler Swings: These swings feature the Pod Seat, which hugs a child (like peas in a pod) and uses their body weight to pull it around them.

Pod Shelter: The Pod Youth Shelter is ideal for use in parks or playgrounds. The Pod is durable and resilient, with Bluetooth technology that is kinetically powered by children, using a crank handle system. Being modular in design, it allows for different size and budget restrictions.


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