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Davagh Forest Park Play Area, Ireland

Client: Cookstown District Council

Cost: £70,500

Date: 01/05/2015

Genre: Community, Landscape

A forest park playground in Ireland

Cookstown District Council wanted to create a new and exciting play area within Davagh Forest Park, renowned for its walking and mountain biking trails which have become very popular in Northern Ireland. The council wanted to make forest park a destination playground for children of all ages by encouraging visits from a wider geographical area whilst also serving the local community. The design was required to blend in with the natural surroundings of the forest and make the best use of the existing landscape.

Our Irish distributor Allplay designed a play area which used Sutcliffe Play’s Orchard range which is made from sustainable treated timber to complement the surrounding forest environment.  The company incorporated the natural landscape by including a play mound with a tunnel and slide. With an inclusive basket swing designed to take several young children together and stepping pods to develop balance, Davagh Forest Play Park is suitable for younger children, whilst the adventurous Orchard Rex and Mammouth provides more challenging play for older children with more advanced motor skills.

Speaking during the opening Chairman of Cookstown District Council, Councillor Wilbert Buchannon commented: “Cookstown District Council area has prospered over the years through significant investment and this project is no exception…Davagh Forest Trails has grown from strength to strength and this new addition to the park facilities is a perfect example of how Davagh Forest is now a recognised recreational forest which caters for all markets.”

Playground Equipment:

3m Mound Tunnel: Tunnels give an extra dimension to a natural play space. The darkness as you enter and the light at the end as you emerge into another world is irresistible to children of all ages.            
Orchard Rex:
An interesting unit with net climb challenges to either side. Starting at the post rings makes it difficult to get across the net climbing wall to the next platform, it can be tricky even when using the wooden climbing wall, but well worth it for the slide down to the ground.

Orchard Mammouth: A large unit with many challenges, great for children to play on together. Climbing to the higher platform is tough, whichever route is used. Once across the rope bridge, the reward is an exhilarating slide down the double bannister rails where two users can race each other to the ground.

Stepping Pods: Stepping Pods have a rubber moulded top and can be installed at varying heights in numbers for children to hop from one to another. Great to develop balance and the skill of judging distances

Basket Swing: Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, the inclusive basket swing seat enables children of all abilities to swing together.

Embankment Slide: Slides offer exciting play opportunities that allow children to understand the forces of gravity, teaching them not to fear losing control

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