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Bark Park at Coronation Park, Somerset

Client: Sedgemoor District Council

Cost: £230,000

Date: 01/12/2015

Genre: Landscape, Community, Inclusive

Exciting new play zones at Coronation Park

Sedgemoor District Council wanted to create a destination park for Bridgwater, creating a flagship playground for the town. The existing park was a large flat open space, popular among dog walkers, with two small fenced play areas. Sutcliffe Play South West was awarded the contract to replace the existing dilapidated playground with an exciting range of new play zones. This included an enclosed area for toddlers, an open plan area for juniors and teenagers, and a robust outdoor gym for the community.

Sutcliffe Play designed a play area which incorporated 25 individual items of play equipment, in addition to resurfacing and fencing. As Coronation Park is a popular destination for dog walking, a Bark Park was also created which provides an opportunity for owners to work with their dogs on agility and obedience. The equipment, which is designed to reduce anti-social behaviour from dogs by providing a stimulating and exciting environment, includes dog tunnels, jumps and weave posts.

For younger children, an enclosed play area was created using a variety of equipment from the Sutcliffe Play Toddlerzone range, which provides a wide range of play opportunities designed specifically to develop key skills, including physical challenges such as climbing, balancing and coordination. A springie bike and inclusive springie ladybird were incorporated into the design, alongside a 1m dish roundabout, seesaw and hill slide to create further exciting play opportunities. Designed for older toddlers, to younger juniors, Toddlerzone ‘Sneak & Peak’ was also installed, offering more challenging play.

For older juniors, the Mission Phantom unit was included in the design of the open play area with varying degrees of challenge, resting surfaces, slides and glides.  The play area also includes a large trampoline, double width hill slide and an exhilarating 25m cableway to encourage high energy invigorating play whilst keeping fit and active.

“Sedgemoor District Council chose to work with Sutcliffe Play following a successful tender exercise was completed. Sedgemoor District Council’s Parks team have found Sutcliffe Play to be willing to go the extra mile to achieve the excellent facilities the local community are now enjoying.”

Scott Mason, Parks and Open Spaces Project Officer, Sedgemoor District Council.


Playground Equipment:

Toddler Area

Mound Tunnel

Tunnels give an extra dimensions to a natural play space. The darkness as you enter and the light at the end as you emerge into another world, is irresistible to children of all ages.

Sneak & Peek – Toddlerzone Unit

Designed for older toddlers, to younger juniors, this system offers higher challenge elements. Two bridges enable runnning games between towers, and higher decks create a sheltered place for games underneath.

1.8m High swing (2 x Pod & 2 x Cradle)

This swing comes complete with bumper seats and chains. Please change bumper seats for cradle or pod seats at order if required.

Small Seesaw

A tried and tested seesaw for younger children which also enables adults to sit or stand with a child to help balance them on the activity.

1m Dish Roundabout

One of our most inclusive products, our rotating dish roundabout can be used for very fast dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion with good body support and security given by the dish shape, make our dishes accessible to all. The angle of the dish and it’s height make side transfer possible and minimise the lifting required by helpers.

Cherry Twist

A new twist on a popular theme and a contemporary design for modern playgrounds. Low in cost and compact, ideal for small spaces and tight budgets. No safety surfacing required with a high play value for up to 3 children, incorporating a non slip, rubber covered safety standing surfacing. A maintenance free, long life finish with sealed bearings. Fully compliant with EN1176

Inclusive Ladybird Springie

Specifically designed for more inclusive play, the Ladybird Springie, offers a seating arrangement that allows the child to get on and off without assistance and gives good support whilst rocking.

Springie Bike

Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride. They have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

Sports Area

3.9m High Goal Ends

Where room and budgets are limited, but a ball game area is required, these stand-alone football and basketball goal ends work well. The range is modular and flexible, so should you wish to alter the height of either the rebound barriers or the basketball hoop, it is possible to do so.

Basketball Goal

A single Basketball Goal 3m high with a high pressure laminated backboard.

Fitness Area

 Hand Over Hand

Our trim trail elements are designed to create circuits and courses of all sizes. A mixture of balancing, climbing, traversing and sport activities will result in a more exciting trail with a breadth of challenge. Remember to allow the appropriate space between items. Components do not include posts. Posts are priced separately.

Cross Trainer

Hand Bike

Spinning Bike

Lat Pull Down & Shoulder Press Leg Press 2,051.000 2,051.00

Ski Machine

Seated Row & Chest Press

Pull Up & Assisted Pull Up

Junior Area

Sling Shot

One of our most dynamic items, fun and fast with two different activities which which includes a rope swing for sitting or standing and overhead handles for users to hang and spin around.

25m Cableway with Starting Platform

Cable rides are dynamic fun play items great for open access play spaces. Our design is available in four lengths and is available with a starting ramp for level sites. Noise and friction is reduced by a trolley mechanism with polyamide rollers and a spring system at the finish ensures a safe, controlled ride to the end. An integral brake prevents the seat moving on the cable when not in use.

Large Trampoline

Fantastic fun, these trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination. With their own inbuilt rubber edging, they can be installed anywhere, even in concrete. No other safety surfacing is required. The single trampoline is suitable for one child only, but can be installed alongside several others in a line, or a square. The larger trampoline is suitable for two children playing together.

Mission Phantom Unit

Hammock – Mission

A proper hammock to give a gentle continuous rocking motion, important for restful hammocking. It is an ideal complement to the more active play available within the main play structure.

Single Point Swing

An exhilarating free form swing, on which up to five children can sit or stand. It can be used as a very dynamic piece of equipment or to give a more gentle motion for inclusive play for those less able. Also suitable for use by adults.

Bark Park Area

Crawl Through Tunnel
Weave Posts

Up & Over

Jump Through

Bark Park Walk

 A dog park makes an ideal addition to any park, particularly in popular dog walking areas, they provide an opportunity for owners to work with their dogs on agility and obedience. The equipment is also designed to reduce anti-social behaviour from dogs as it provides a fun and exciting environment for them to become better trained. A bark dog park builds a community destination that provides the opportunity for exercise and interaction between dogs in a secure environment.

All our bark dog park equipment has been designed to complement our main play equipment range, with our standard aluminium posts and signature rubber post caps. This unit features a high density polyethylene panel for dogs to jump into with a small tunnel for them to exit on the other side.

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