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Community Centre and Westhall Play Area, Stradbroke

Client: Stradbroke Parish Council

Cost: £60,000

Date: 01/05/2017

Genre: Inclusive, Community

New playgrounds installed meet growing community needs

Stradbroke Parish Council wanted to upgrade facilities at two play areas in the village, one in Westhall and the other outside the Community Centre.  The current playgrounds had not changed much since they were installed over 25 years ago and as the community continued to grow the Parish Council wanted to ensure the play areas continued to meet the needs of the community.

The Parish Council set up a working group to raise funds and consult the community on what they would like to see in the playgrounds.  Whilst current facilities were functional more innovative equipment was needed to stimulate imagination and creativity for both toddlers and juniors but with particular focus on children under 5 years old as the current facilities did not cater for them.

A bespoke unit from Sutcliffe Play’s Toddlerzone range is the focal point of the Community Centre playground. The Climber unit is packed with educational elements that encourage toddlers to engage in social and physical play.  A wobble bridge, ring climber and climb–up ramp help to develop balance whilst puzzles, binoculars and a megaphone encourage imaginative and educational play.

A timber tangle trail unit from the environmentally friendly Orchard unit encourages balance and coordination.  Featuring beams and ropes children develop agility and concentration skills as they make it from one end to the other.  Swings, a seesaw and inclusive roundabout complement these units.

The Westhall playground complements the kit at the Community Centre – alongside swings, a roundabout and a seesaw this playground features a 30m cableway and Low Rotator adding dynamic and invigorating play options. Two themed Springies provided are imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride.  


“The new playgrounds are perfect as they benefit the whole community.  We have a lot of children, parents and grandparents regularly visiting the new playgrounds.  People come to socialise, make new friends and have fun – all of which build on the great community we have in Stradbroke.”

Ellie Wharton, Stradbroke Parish Councillor

Playground Equipment:

Community Centre Play Area

Toddlerzone Compact Educational Climber

Over the years we have developed a wide range of Toddlerzone play equipment that aims to inspire little ones to imaginative, social and physical play.  We believe in creating equipment that has play value at the core of its design. All of the Toddlerzone units have been developed not only to develop important social and physical skills but to create exciting play opportunities for toddlers to enjoy for many years.

Small seesaw

A tried and tested seesaw for younger children which also enables adults to sit or stand with a child to help balance them on the activity.

Inclusive back to back roundabout

Slightly higher at 420mm above the ground, this roundabout is more accessible for disabled children transferring from a wheelchair. A back-rest and side support frames help children with poor mobility use it like a chair.

2.4m High 2 Bay Swing (2 x bumper + 1 x Inclusive Nest Seat)

Produced for over 20 years, our swings are a popular item of play equipment that are built to last. Requiring installation, they are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel. They are available in different heights and with various swing combinations.       

Orchard Tangle Trail

A timber tangle of inclined beams and ropes that requires balance, agility and full concentration to move across quickly. The three single ropes create a small tightrope section and the bottom net can become a social seating area to take a rest.

Westhall Play Area

30m cableway

Cable rides are dynamic fun play items great for open access play spaces. Our design is available in four lengths and is available with a starting ramp for level sites. Noise and friction is reduced by a trolley mechanism with polyamide rollers and a spring system at the finish ensures a safe, controlled ride to the end. An integral brake prevents the seat moving on the cable when not in use.

Low Rotator

This challenging three station rotator requires strength, balance and co-ordination. Children control the speed themselves, with centrifugal forces meaning that as they lean in, the rotator goes faster, as they lean out, it slows down.

Flower Springie & Lady Bird Springie

Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride. They have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

Inclusive back to back roundabout

2.4m High 2 Bay Swing (2 x bumper + 1 x Inclusive Nest Seat)

Small seesaw

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