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Chesterfield, South Yorkshire

Client: Chesterfield Borough Council

Cost: £35,000

Date: 01/04/2016

Genre: Community, Youth

Providing a safe place for juniors to play

Belmont Drive was over 20 years old and one of the Council’s oldest play spaces. It was identified by the green spaces team as needing refurbishment so the Council’s housing services section undertook a survey of local residents to determine the needs of the local community.

Sutcliffe Play was briefed with creating a safe place to play for children who are beginning to go out and play independently close to where they live.  The play area needed to provide challenging and exciting play opportunities.

The Playzone Assault Course Multi-play unit provides the focal point for the Belmont Drive Play Area.  The unit is a real agility developer! It features multiple entrance points and is perfect for children up to 14 years old. It allows them to challenge themselves and has an emphasis on strength, transferring, grip and position.

The high decks provide very challenging access points and the rope climb, hoop climber, 2.4m vertical climbing net and 2.4m climbing wall help develop upper body strength.

The play area also features nest, pod and flat swings, a small seesaw and the butterfly roundabout and buggie springie which both provide inclusive play options.

“The scheme has been well received. We’ve had feedback from local residents to say they are very happy with the new play space and that their children now have somewhere safe to play near to where they live.”

John Ramsey, Green Spaces Development Officer, Chesterfield Borough Council Depot

Playground Equipment:

Assault Course
A real agility developer! This Playzone has high decks with very challenging accesses: a pull up ramp, a 1.5m rope climb, a hoop climber, a 2.4m climbing wall and a 2.4m vertical climbing net. An unusual inclined flexi hand-over-hand also develops upper body strength. 

2.4m Nest & 2 Seats
Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, this 2.4m swing with inclusive nest swing seat is designed like bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together. The seat is made of steel rope matting, with a padded rope ring around the edge.

With the ability to hang two seats next to the nest swing, this swing comes complete with bumper seats and chains that can be changed to cradle or pod seats if required, this can be done when you place your order.

Buggie Springie
Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride. They have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

Butterfly Roundabout
A flat revolving 1m diamter rubber disc, set close to the ground. Two support tubes at either side can be used to hold onto or as small back rests for children needing support.

Small Seesaw
A tried and tested seesaw for younger children which also enables adults to sit or stand with a child to help balance them on the activity.

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