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Cadoxton, South Wales

Client: Blaenhonddan Community Council

Cost: £149,000

Date: 01/04/2019

Genre: Community, Inclusive, Landscape

Creating an inclusive, community play space

Blaenhonddan Community Council wanted to refurbish their existing Cadoxton playground with new challenging play opportunities, while making it more accessible.

They secured funding, including landfill grants, to replace the existing equipment and create a new play area which children of all ages and abilities could enjoy.  The council felt it was important to involve the public in the consultation process, and so the successful design was displayed within the local community and on the council website.

Sutcliffe Play South West were tasked to create a play area which was fully inclusive and wheelchair accessible across the multiple levels of the site.

New inclusive and immersive pieces of playground equipment were installed, ensuring all children could play together no matter their ability. While recommendations indicate a play area should include two pieces of inclusive equipment, this play area now includes four, with the multiple levels of the play area connected by a brightly coloured sloped pathway.

An inclusive wheelchair roundabout was installed in the play area so that disabled and able-bodied children can enjoy the sensation of spinning, all together, at the same time. It has been designed particularly so that wheelchair users can experience the spinning sensation, just as if they were on a traditional roundabout. Sitting flush to the ground, it ensures there are no trip points or potential traps for users.

Additional inclusive elements comprise of a back to back roundabout, flower springie and a nest swing; designed like a bird’s nest especially to take several young children and those with special needs.

The different levels of terrain in Cadoxton play area, accessible via the sloped pathway, are divided into zones, containing equipment aimed at different ages, with brightly coloured wet pour adding colour and interest to the play area.

The upper level of the design is aimed at juniors and includes the Oak unit from the ‘Orchard Collection’ created to provide a combination of physical activity and challenge, social interaction and opportunities for learning. With a total of fourteen activities, the Oak is configured to enable all junior age children to play and develop their skills together.

The upper level of the play area also includes other play elements such as a 20m cableway, stand-up see-saw and a cobra swing, where up to 6 children can use teamwork and balance to swing together and get the rope swing moving.

On the lower level, Toddlerzone Hide & Slide- a multiplay unit aimed at younger children- is complimented by other play area must-haves, including flat and cradle swings, a scoot and seat roundabout and a seesaw.

“This was a challenging site and Sutcliffe Play worked effectively with the Council and their contractors to arrive at a satisfactory scheme.  The playground has proved extremely popular since completion and makes a valuable contribution to the Council’s portfolio of play opportunities.”

Rowland Lanchbury – Clerk – Blaenhonddan Community Council

Playground Equipment:

Inclusive Scooter Wheelchair Roundabout – This inclusive scooter roundabout is designed to offer functionality and durability without compromising the fun. This roundabout can accommodate a wheelchair, two users in the seated position and more standing if they choose to do so. The wide central space facilitates a range of wheelchairs and bump stops at both sides give a position to apply the wheelchairs brakes. The ‘roll on roll off’ design enables users to exit in a forward position. 

2.4m High Swings (with 4 pod seats) – Perfect in any outdoor setting, the 2.4m High Swings can be fitted with an assortment of seat choices. Swings offer children of all ages opportunities for progressive acceptable risk taking, swinging only as high as they want at any moment in time.

 Toddlerzone Hide & Slide Unit – Designed by one of our customers, this unit offers three levels of access to a 1.2m high slide, up a ramp, a ladder or a ring climb. There is hidden social seating under the main deck, where little ones can sit, chat and hide. At the highest point we have put look-out binoculars.

See Saw Springie 

Inclusive Flower Springie – Our themed play, Flower Springie is manufactured from HPL (high pressure laminate) and offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use, without colour fading. Foot and heel rails in powder coated steel provide support and guide the feet in to the best position. A rubber moulded seat with an integral pommel is a comfortable, non slip seat for the user. A simple backrest offers additional support for younger users.

Our themed play ergonomic rubber handles set in the upright position give excellent grip while enabling the design to be open fronted for easy access, making this springer an inclusive product.

Small Seesaw & Stand-up Seesaw 

Back to Back Roundabout – Back to Back Roundabout. Slightly higher at 420mm above the ground, this roundabout is more accessible for disabled children transferring from a wheelchair. A back-rest and side support frames help children with poor mobility use it like a chair.

Low Rotator – This challenging three station rotator requires strength, balance and co-ordination. Children control the speed themselves, with centrifugal forces meaning that as they lean in, the rotator goes faster, as they lean out, it slows down.

20m Cableway 

Orchard Oak Multiplay Unit  – Our wood multi play unit, Oak is the largest of our new Orchard units. With a three tower configuration, two leaf decks and one circular deck, Oak is designed with a central traversing rope system which gives opportunities to play chasing games to and from each of the towers and their respective play elements.

With heights of 1.5m and 1.8m, our wood multi play unit, Oak is configured to be a centre piece of a play space, suitable for all junior age children to play and develop their skills together. With fourteen activities the Oak is designed to win tenders when play value points are the decider.

Cobra Rope End Swing – A challenging multi-user swing where up to 6 children of varied ages and abilities can all swing together.

This swing requires teamwork and balance to get the rope seat moving. Using a combination of balancing, swinging and rocking movements this multi-user swing encourages social cooperation and locomotor play. With it’s chunky rope seat, adults are able to sit with smaller children to help them enjoy this swing too.

Using a cantilever arch support system the Cobra Swing adds an elegant profile to any play space. Using the natural strength of the arch shape, the strength of all the support stanchions is below ground level. The result is a play area uncluttered by the many swing legs normally associated with this type of swing.

Nest Swing – An addition to our Orchard range and our swing range is this 2.4m inclusive wooden swing. Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, the inclusive nest swing seat is designed like a bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together. The seat is made of steel rope matting, with a padded rope ring around the edge.

Mini Group Swing

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