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Braybrook Road Play Area, Kettering

Client: Kettering Borough Council

Cost: £30,000

Date: July 2021

Genre: Inclusive, Community, Local Authority

Colourful toddler play space for families and young children

The vision for this area was to develop an existing small open space into a playground with early years equipment to suit children aged up to 5 years old.  Following a robust appointment process, we worked closely with Kettering Borough Council to carefully select a range of equipment to meet these requirements.

Following extensive planning and site meetings, alongside ensuring we met with all Kettering Borough Council’s compliance criteria, work started on clearing the site. We then started work on installing the play equipment to create a destination playground for the local community.

The new Braybrook Road playground is packed with over 20 play opportunities across 11 pieces of equipment allowing young children to enjoy physical and imaginative play. A Fort Knight Castle multi play is the focal point of the playground. The multi play unit not only offers children an engaging play experience through its castle aesthetic, it also allows access to a wide range of play experiences suitable for families of young children.

The space is filled with interactive play panels, offering additional methods of play to help with development skills. Three different swings have been installed; one to complement the Fort Knight Toddlerzone multi play units with its colourful design, and two inclusive swings to accommodate all abilities and multiple young children.

Dave Lane, Senior Community Officer for Grounds Services at North Northamptonshire Council said:

“We recognised the town of Desborough had a serious lack of play facilities for families and younger children. Working with the town council who funded the new facility, we undertook an especially competitive and rigorous procurement process to develop a site specifically aimed at toddlers. We required play areas that are both attractive to children but also strong and robust and low maintenance and with a good spares backup.  Sutcliffe Play’s submission scored highly in these essential areas. Now the play area is installed its clear we chose well. The site looks brilliant and is now one of the nicest little play areas we have as it just fits so well into that little park. Another great scheme from Sutcliffe Play!”

Playground Equipment:

Fort Knight Castle 

Fort Knight is designed to a castle theme with crenulations, arches, and even a secret tunnel. Stonework details, arrow slit windows, heraldic shields and dungeon bars provide finishing touches. Fort Knight has been designed to maximise the activities, utilising space under the deck and on the posts, while minimising the surfacing requirements & significant costs.

Fort Knight

Sky High Swing

Our carousel swing has been designed as an addition to our metal swing range to complement both our Minitown, Themed & Toddlerzone multi play units, it can work in any play space that requires a colourful addition for toddlers. The carousel ‘Sky Swing’ uses three suspended pod seats hung from three radial swing arms that rotate and are fitted with HPL ‘sky panels’. These panels are fixed around the bearing hub and a central pole.

Sky Swing

Back to Back Roundabout

Inclusive Back to Back Roundabout. Slightly higher at 420mm above the ground, this roundabout is more accessible for disabled children transferring from a wheelchair. A back-rest and side support frames help children with poor mobility use it like a chair.

  • Mini Birds Nest Swing
  • Denzel Springie
  • Spiders Web Explorer Play Panel
  • Flower Explorer Play Panel
  • Wriggler Inclined X2
  • Stepping Pod
  • 1 Bay Swing (2.4m high) with Hags Tango Seat & Chains
  • Benches

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