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Botanic Gardens, Wales

Client: National Botanic Garden of Wales

Cost: £51,000

Date: 01/05/2016

Genre: Landscape, Inclusive

Botanical themed play area

The National Botanic Garden of Wales was looking to upgrade its existing play facility, which had become worn and non-economical to keep repairing. The Garden also wished to expand the current playground site to incorporate new, exciting play equipment.

The aspiration of the new play area was for it to be a creatively and sensitively designed area catering for able bodied children, disabled children and toddlers. The playground also needed to fit in with its natural surroundings by incorporating the woodland growing around the area.

The bespoke play area has a botanical theme and uses the existing willow maze and timber pirate ship which is complemented by Sutcliffe Play’s Mission range.

Designed for older juniors, Mission offers testing, high energy, physical play opportunities that focus on climbing, traversing, and descending in unique ways. Intended to keep children interested for extended playing time, Mission can help them keep active and fit.

Mission Target, which is central to the design, consists of a maze of random platforms at different heights. Compact in design, it incorporates exhilarating curved banister rails, spin pole and challenging V net climber.

In keeping with the botanical theme of the play area, a Flower springie and Toddlerzone Daisy unit also feature. Toddlerzone Daisy, for toddlers and young children, reflects a natural theme with gently waving panels, a ‘natural colour palette’ and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world. There is also a binocular rail for spying on wildlife, a circular finger maze and a pathway panel, ‘ladybird visiting the flowers’, adding play on a micro level.

The unit has been designed to maximise activities, utilising space under the decks and on the posts, while minimising surfacing requirements. The space under the deck utilises multi-level play opportunities by incorporating a crawling tunnel and creates an additional play feature at ground level.

Playground Equipment:

Mission Target
Like its name, Target has a centre to aim for, it consists of a maze of random platforms at different heights. Compact in design, its ideal for smaller spaces and  incorporates our exhilarating curved banister rails, spin pole and challenging V net climber. Make it to the centre and there are spaces to stand or sit and rest a while.

20m Cable Way Steel with Ramp

Cable rides are dynamic fun play items great for open access play spaces. Our design is available in four lengths and is available with a starting ramp for level sites. Noise and friction is reduced by a trolley mechanism with polyamide rollers and a spring system at the finish ensures a safe, controlled ride to the end. An integral brake prevents the seat moving on the cable when not in use.

Dish Roundabout

One of our most inclusive products, our rotating dish roundabout can be used for very fast dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion with good body support and security given by the dish shape, make our dishes accessible to all. The angle of the dish and it’s height make side transfer possible and minimise the lifting required by helpers.

Trampoline- Large

Fantastic fun, these trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination. With their own inbuilt rubber edging, they can be installed anywhere, even in concrete. No other safety surfacing is required. The single trampoline is suitable for one child only, but can be installed alongside several others in a line, or a square. The larger trampoline is suitable for two children playing together.

Mission Hammock

A proper hammock to give a gentle continuous rocking motion, important for restful hammocking. It is an ideal complement to the more active play available within the main play structure.

Talk Tubes

Talktubes. Position these at either end of the play area and children will even be able to hear each other whispering. With a maximum distance of 20m apart, the underground tube is flexible so it can go round corners.

Toddlerzone Daisy unit

Daisy is part of our ‘Toddlerzone Plus’ range, designed to reflect a natural theme with gently waving panels a ‘natural colour palette’ and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world. Daisy fits into the smallest space, while offering a direct flow of movement in use and a simple steel ladder with handrails provides a predictable level of difficulty to access the unit, suitable for most abilities.

Flower Springie

Our themed play, Flower Springie, manufactured from HPL (high pressure laminate) offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use, without colour fading. Foot and heel rails in powder coated steel provide support and guide the feet in to the best position. A rubber moulded seat with an integral pommel is a comfortable non slip seat for the user. A simple backrest offers additional support for younger users.

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