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Playground Climbing Frames…

In an age where children are bombarded with electronic entertainment, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the benefits that come with traditional playground activities.

Benefits of Climbing Frames

High quality climbing equipment which allows children to safely explore their surroundings, and challenge themselves in the process, offers a multitude of benefits.

The instinct to climb is virtually universal within children, and provides some of their very earliest experiences. Long before they ever set foot in a park or playground, if most children want to get somewhere, they’ll probably attempt a climb!

But once they do begin to explore further afield, climbing frames provide a thrilling way for them to indulge their innate desire for adventure, and experience the exhilaration that comes from challenging themselves, and reaching the top.

Having been a staple of playgrounds since the 1930s, climbing frames are sometimes referred to as ‘jungle gyms’ or ‘monkey bars’, and typically feature a combination of pipes, ropes or other components. They can be anything from large scale, elaborate geometric shapes, to basic small-framed units from which children can swing, with a whole host of variations in between.

When children of all abilities are given the space to climb on dynamic, thrilling equipment, the only way is up in more ways than one, and there are far reaching benefits.

Strategic thinking and creative play

As children explore climbing equipment, they’re pushed to use all their mental agility to work out a way to reach the top – or to climb back down – which means that they’re consistently faced with challenges to overcome. This form of mental stimulation is hugely important as a child’s brain develops, granting them the neurological agility required to tackle a variety of day-to-day challenges such as navigation, problem-solving, and using their imagination as part of play or social interaction with other children.

Understanding risk

There are many instances during a child’s growth where they may not necessarily have a parent or guardian to guide them, or catch them as they fall. When they’re given the chance to climb and explore freely, however, they’re presented with the perfect opportunity to develop their understanding of risk - and equipped with the ability to assess it for themselves in everyday life. This is vital for their neurological and behavioural development.

Health & Fitness

Climbing not only acts as a form of cardio-vascular exercise. It also enables children to expend energy, develop their muscles through a combination of climbing, pulling and lifting, and gain a better understanding of how their body moves. This understanding of their own movement is hugely useful during a child’s everyday life, whether they’re playing sports at school, dressing themselves, or developing the motor skills to improve their writing.

Inclusive Play

Exploring challenging climbing equipment can help a child develop their own vital skills, and enjoy a big confidence boost – and this is every bit as true for less physically proficient children, or those with disabilities. That’s why our designers are constantly guided by the latest developments in the fields of inclusion and disability, and many of our most popular climbing frames offer inclusive features such as drag ramps and scramble nets. This helps every child, whatever their physical proficiency, to participate, and reap the developmental benefits - but it also helps to foster a sense of community and empathy amongst children of all abilities, as they’re encouraged to climb side by side.

Quality manufacturing

All our playground equipment – including climbing frames – is designed to the highest possible standard and independently tested to British and European Safety measures

Sutcliffe Play is the UK’s first and only employee-owned play provider. This means every colleague has a vested interest in the quality of our equipment, and we’ll always strive to uphold the very highest standards in playground manufacturing and installation.

Our employee-owned status gives us a unique position within the marketplace, with a culture that is based around transparency, responsibility and sustainability. Our ethos is to work as a team, be honest, remain one step ahead of the competition, and above all to always demonstrate commitment to our customers. These values are vital to us, and make us the perfect partner to help you create a thrilling play space that works not only for local children, but your entire community.

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Our Climbing Frames

Our robust range of climbers includes both wooden and metal multi-play units, all with the aim of giving children a variety of ways to climb. They differ in size and difficulty, and feature an array of thrilling features including climbing walls, nets, hoops and rope climbers, which help children get the most out of their experience.

Below is a small selection of our most popular climbers:

Target Climbing Frame

Like its name Target has a centre to aim for, it’s a climbing frame that consists of a maze of random platforms at different heights and designed for older children ages 6-12 years. Compact in design, it is ideal for smaller spaces and  incorporates our exhilarating curved banister rails, spin pole and challenging ‘V’ net climber. Making it to the centre, there are spaces to stand or sit and rest a while before taking a route down to the ground.

Scramble & Slide Climber

Our most popular inclusive play, climbing frame unit has a drag ramp, inclusive scramble net and steps that allow children of all abilities to climb and play together. Once up high at the top of the unit, there is a large 1.4m wide deck and a 1.2m high slide to get back to the ground. With the slide having a ‘U’ shape chute, children slide securely down the centre increasing the speed and the fun! A raised start section at the top and the one-sided open run-out section at the bottom ease transfer, and allow helpers to give side support.

Orchard Ship Climbing Frame

Many sailing activities are ideally suited for play equipment due to the social interaction and co-operation required to get the most out of the kit. This climbing frame includes look out points, a slide, megaphone and sloped climbing wall, to encourage children to use their imagination when playing.

Schools Climber

From our Playzone range this climbing frame unit is designed for Primary (KS1) pupils, is also well suited for unsupervised play areas. Featuring rungs, pole climb and ladder rope, and suitable for children aged 4 – 10 years.

Climbing Wall (Trim Trail)

Useful to help create different courses and circuits of varying sizes for a trail that delivers excitement and can be physically challenging. Our climbing wall can also be used on it’s own to add challenge to a play space.  Activities include traversing, balancing, climbing and sporting activities.

Daffodil Climber

As part of our Toddlerzone+ range for ages 2- 6 years, this climbing frame is designed to reflect a natural theme with a natural colour palette and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world. It takes the form of a gently ascending trio of platforms (0.9m, 1.05m & 1.2m) with access points at either end to enable movement flow across the unit. It comprises of an inclined climbing ramp, climbing blocks, an inclined rope net and slide. The space under the deck is utilising multi level play opportunities by incorporating a tunnel and a seat under higher decks.

Mountain Climbing Frame

Complete with a 2.4m high slide this unit is a high climber for 6-10 years. Scaling to the top brings an extra level of fun and exhilaration for little adventurers when getting back down to ground level.

Spider Climbing Frame

With legs that extend in all directions to emulate the look of a spider, each ‘leg’ provides children with a different challenge to master, perfect for working together to develop social and physical skills.

Boat Climber

A subtly themed climbing frame unit from our Toddler range with boat/ship elements to encourage imaginative games. A number of ‘sailing’ activities enable co-operation and social interaction.

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