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Alexi’s playground wish comes true


Four year old Alexi Fairbanks was so excited about the prospect of her new local playground that she wrote a book highlighting its development.

The Redhill Drive play area was officially opened on 12 February and Alexi was invited as a guest of honour by Sutcliffe Play.

Alexi charted developments at the park in a diary-style book and even spoke to the contractors on site to inspire her content.

Her mum Rosemary Williamson says: “We rarely went to the park because there was often broken glass and the swings were tied up.  But then we were going past the site in and we noticed builders working there. Alexi introduced herself to them because she loves chatting, and her interest in the play area grew from there.”

Alexi says: “The old park was broken. The new park is great. We need to look after it please!”

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