Adding a splash of colour!

Use ouColoured Pod Seatsr NEW coloured seats to add a splash of colour to your new or existing play area.
Previously available in black and orange, Sutcliffe Play’s pod and bumper swing seats are now also available in green, blue and red,  allowing customers more choice and the ability to complement other equipment and the play area setting.

Andy Love said “We are delighted to extend our ever-popular pod and bumper seats ranges. At Sutcliffe Play we pride ourselves on being able to offer variety to our clients, with high levels of customisation to create unique play area solutions and meet individual needs. Customers can choose to have all their seats in one colour or have a combination”.

We already tailor our play equipment to meet clients’ specific colour requirements. Colours of structural elements, roofs and panels can be changed to suit individual specifications.Pod Seat & Swing

Our pod seat is a revolutionary, technically superior seat for toddlers. Advanced rubber technology around stainless steel cables gives it flexibility, so the pod actually ‘hugs’ the child. With a peak G of just 25, it is probably the safest swing seat on the market.

Green Bumper Seat SRE882GThe bumper seat features smooth, round edges, ergonomically designed to help children learn to swing. Its single point suspension system means neither branch chains nor eye bolts are required, reducing chain costs.