Risk In Play

Risk In Play

Playground equipment with an element of risk

Risk – an added vital ingredient

Children want to take risks. It’s a fundamental part of growing up. In fact, an acceptable level of risk is good for them. If children don’t find the thrills they seek in the playground, they’ll look elsewhere. So at Sutcliffe Play we use our knowledge of children and experience to develop play equipment that has a carefully balanced element of risk.

Challenging and life enhancing

Every creative act we undertake – whether it’s physical, social or emotional – involves risk. Children learn to assess, appreciate and manage risk through play.
The ability to deal with risk, developed in formative years, determines the extent to which our life will be fulfiled in the future. That’s why Sutcliffe Play equipment is designed to be challenging, allowing children to test themselves and feel at ease with risk.

An acceptable level of risk

When children are playing, they’ll take risks. So there will always be an occasional bumped head, bruised rib or broken bone. In fact, risk is essential for good creative play. That’s why, while reducing and avoiding risks that cannot be perceived by a child, our designers never lose sight of the essential role risk plays in a child’s development.

A voyage of exploration and discovery

From toddlers to teenagers, for able-bodied and disabled children, Sutcliffe Play equipment presents varying degrees of challenge, difficulty and risk. That’s what makes a playground such a great place to be. In our range you’ll find equipment for climbing, swinging, sliding and spinning, the majority of which is inclusive. We include hideaways and secret places to play. There are high walkways, so children can look down on the world below.