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Through creativity, innovation and conviction, Sutcliffe Play tries to contribute to the enjoyment and experience of children through play.

We design playground equipment and playgrounds to encourage creativity, leaving as much as possible to children’s imaginations.

Here at Sutcliffe Play, we build in an element of risk, to ensure play spaces are stimulating and challenging. We believe passionately in ‘inclusive play’, and we do this in an invisible way, allowing all children to discover and extend their own boundaries while playing side-by-side.

In addition we believe that there are many other benefits that play brings to children and adults – physical health, learning, development, social cohesion, even regeneration within communities.

But above all when designing, we focus on play for play’s sake, as that simple, essential part of childhood…

Pick your battles with the exciting new additions to our Toddlerzone+ range

We design to encourage creativity, leaving as much as possible to children's imaginations

As a British manufacturer we are very proud of the fact that all of our products are made in our purpose built factory in the heart of Yorkshire, England.

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