Toddlerzone for toddlers

toddlerzone: a modular play system for little ones

Toddlerzone has been designed to provide a wide range of play opportunities, specifically with Toddlers in mind. With physical challenges such as climbing, balancing and coordination, also seating and sheltered areas to encourage social play and group cooperation – these are all key skills that need developing at a young age.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of Toddlerzone play equipment that aims to inspire little ones to imaginative, social and physical play.

We believe in creating equipment that has play value at the core of its design. All of the Toddlerzone units have been developed not only to develop important social and physical skills but to create exciting play opportunities for Toddlers to enjoy for many years.

A Modular Play System

Ideal for Toddlers, being modular, Toddlerzone enables you to design your own special unit to suit differing needs, locations, ages and budgets.

It may take a little longer (2 weeks) as the special unit will have to be drawn up by our design team to ensure it works well as a unit and will still meet safety requirements.

For this reason, there is a small surcharge for special units. We will be only too pleased to quote for a special unit – just phone the sales department on 01977 653 200.

Standard units

Over time we have developed a wealth of knowledge of what works best in practice and so we offer a range of these most popular units as standard.

Choose your own colours

The standard colours for Toddlerzone structural steel elements are green and yellow with red, blue and yellow roofs and panels. However, we would be happy to make Toddlerzone in other colours to your specification, prices on application.

We currently have 19 different units in the fully modular range that can be adapted to suit customers’ requirements. From small spaces in housing estates or pub gardens, to large playgrounds in schools or adventure playgrounds we have something in the range to suit everyone. Here are just a few of the exciting units available:

  • 2 Up, 1 Down is perfect for small areas and has been designed to provide a wide range of play opportunities. This unit offers two levels of access, via a climb up ramp or a ladder, and a head through panel at the top which allows children to look out at their friends.
  • Boat Climber encourages imaginative play with its subtle boat theming. It includes a sloped climbing wall, look out points, megaphone and slide that to help keep children happy and engaged for hours!
  • Climb & Cross provides children with an exciting flexible bridge that will help develop their locomotor skills.  There are two different climbing options to help develop their coordination and cooperation skills.
  • Climb & Slide provides a fun and challenging play opportunity that is guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours. Its wide access points and slide also make it a truly inclusive piece of play equipment as children of all abilities can play side-by-side.
  • Hide & Slide was designed by one of our customers and encourages social play opportunities with a number of ‘meeting points’ for children to play together.
  • Play Village creates a range of exciting imaginative play opportunities for children, encouraging the creation of new games through social interaction and challenging play options.
  • Two Turrets is ideal for those looking to create imaginative play opportunities for little ones. Children love the castle theme, net bridge and spiral entrance point!

inclusive-logoToddlerzone has been tested to EN1176 and awarded a certificate of compliance.

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