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Grass Safety Surfacing & Saferzone Tiles

Our rubber safety tiles and Saferzone tiles are all produced in durable, 100% natural rubber. Theyare important in helping to reduce the risk of serious injury in play areas.

Grass Safety Surfacing

The British Standards Institute BSI has confirmed what we at Sutcliffe Play have long been promoting, that grass is an excellent surface for children
to play on. 

Extensive testing has shown that in most situations, well maintained turf has excellent impact absorbing properties and BSI has recommended that it can be used as a safety surface under play equipment with a fall height up to 1.5m in the UK.

Not all play area installations will be suitable for use with grass, and consideration should be given to usage, ground conditions, and the location of the play area. The full BSI recommendations in relation to the use of grass can be found in the introduction of the latest revision of BS EN 1176.


High Use Areas

One of the most important aspects to consider when specifying grass, are high wear areas. No matter how well the turf is maintained, certain areas such as under swing seats and around rotators will soon be worn away and compacted thus losing impact absorbency. However it is not necessary to cover the whole play area with synthetic surfacing.

We have manufactured for many years a rubber safety tile designed specifically to be used singularly or in small groups for just this purpose. Called the ‘slab tile’, it is designed to fit around and be held down by a standard 60cm x 60cm concrete paving slab. With no hard corners and a fall height of over 1.5m the slab tile is laid just as a paving slab would be, flush with the surrounding grass. Made from 100% natural rubber it will give years of use in the most demanding wear areas.

Saferzone Tiles

Saferzone is an innovative range of playground safety tiles for use around play equipment. Their aim is to reduce the risk of serious injury in play areas, and the surface is an integral part of the play space.

Saferzone tiles incorporate a unique pattern which can be arranged in many configurations to add to the play value of a playspace – with rivers, stones, mazes and even hopscotch designed in. They are manufactured from natural rubber, which gives them excellent durability.


The tiles are 50cm x 50cm, four tiles per square metre. They are produced in four thicknesses, for play equipment with different fall heights (HIC / Head Injury Criteria) up to 3.6m. The tiles have been independently tested to EN1177. The underside of each Saferzone tile has 225 cushioning air pockets, separated by rubber struts. The tiles absorb impact energy, significantly reducing the risk of head injury if children fall onto the surface.




They can be installed all year round without the need for expensive base works, glue or floor bolts. They can go onto either a concrete base, minimum 75mm thick with a precast concrete edging, on existing hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete, or on a crushed limestone base to a compacted depth of 100mm, laid over geotextile liner. Ramped edges suitable for wheelchair access are available for use on existing hard surfaces. They are locked together using flexible rods which control the spacing of the tiles to allow for expansion and contraction.