Playground Inspection and Maintenance

At Sutcliffe Play we work hard to create successful, hassle free playgrounds, and over the years we have built a reputation for manufacturing sturdy, durable products that last, however, all equipment will last longer if maintained properly with a robust inspection & maintenance programme. It also needs regular inspection to ensure its safety.

Inspection and Maintenance is an important consideration to help you keep your playground equipment in good working order. There is no-one better placed to help you to care for your play equipment, with a quality inspection and maintenance package, than the people who design and manufacture it.

In today’s litigation society we have all become acutely aware of our responsibility to minimise risk, improve safety and prevent accidents. Play areas should be exciting, fun and challenging but, equally, risks should be controlled to an acceptable level. As a play area owner/operator the responsibility does lie with you to manage the risk and safety of your play area.

As required by BSEN1176 – “the operator should set up an appropriate system for safety management of the playground.” This means you should assess, inspect and maintain your play area to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Your insurance company will also be keen to see that you are taking appropriate steps to follow this guideline.

Regular inspection and maintenance will not only make your play area a safer place to play but it will also help to considerably reduce the lifetime costs associated with your play area.

Services we can offer to help you maintain your play area…


Thorough, regular inspection will help you understand the usage and risks associated with your play area. There can be a marked difference within every play area in how they are used – they can be used in different ways at different times. Having a thorough inspection regime in place will enable you to monitor usage and tackle any issues that may pose an increased risk to those enjoying your play area.

We can help with this with our team of RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) approved inspectors. Every inspection we carry out focuses on the functionality of your equipment in-use and will include some routine adjustments.

A written report will be issued providing you with an assessment of risk and advise a course of action should any non-compliance be discovered.


The maintenance and upkeep of your play area is vital to ensure the safety, performance and longevity of equipment and surfacing.  Our dedicated maintenance team of trained engineers has vast experience of play area equipment and surface repairs.


Some play areas are in need of a little more “TLC”. Structurally sound but in need of a new lease of life – refurbishment can make equipment look as good as new providing more years of enjoyment. The savings made on replacing old or damaged equipment for brand new, can be quite considerable and is an option really worth considering.

We are more than happy to advise on this course of action, helping to control costs and spread budgets along the way.

Spares / Repair kits

We carry a full stock of play area spares and items to help you maintain your play area, here at our factory in Yorkshire.

Annual Inspection

Operational Inspection

Annual Inspection Package

Post Installation Inspection Report



We are happy to work nationally at one site or across multi sites. To obtain a quotation for these packages please contact John Souter, Contracts Manager on 01977 653200 or e-mail

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