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minizone: created specifically for children aged 1 - 4

Designed in collaboration with our Dutch distributor Nijha, Minizone perfectly blends play and learning to ensure that children have a fantastic time whilst also stretching their minds and bodies in a safe environment. Minizone offers unique interactive features that provides the perfect play space for smaller children, indoors or out.

Sutcliffe Play and Nijha embarked on the joint development project after recognising the need for a low-cost play structure suitable for schools, nurseries and leisure facilities with limited space. Minizone, with a base size of only 75cm squared, is compact enough to suit smaller spaces but does not compromise on its ability to stimulate imaginative play in young children.

Minizone challenges children to explore different ways of playing, and contains play elements that help develop communication, literacy and numeracy and physical and creative development. It features exciting aspects such as sand play activities, sound play, nets, ropes, panels and social areas.

There are 10 standard designs to choose from;

  • Cats Cradle
  • Conker
  • Eye Spy
  • King Of The Hill
  • Knock Knock
  • Leap Frog
  • Musical Chairs
  • Pat – A – Cake
  • Peek – A – Boo
  • Tiddly Winks

All are manufactured using high quality materials:galvanized posts, maintenance free laminated panels, hard wearing, soft, non-slip surfacing on decks and tamper proof fixings. Constructed from metal, Minizone is designed to be hardwearing and endure the elements for years to come, the polyurethane decks, meanwhile, provide soft surfaces for children’s comfort and safety.

With a fall height of less than 60cm, Minizone requires no safety surfaces and features high-quality materials specifically selected for safety and convenience such as non-slip deck surfaces and maintenance free laminated panels.

 A free-standing version of Minizone is also available for indoor environments, it can be moved to allow for changing demand and requires no specialist installation.


inclusive-logoMinizone has been tested to EN 1176