Cone Climber Net 3000

Cone Climber 3000


3m high cone climber net.

A modern twist on a traditional roundabout, the cone climber is a rotating net structure. You can customise your structure by choosing a different coloured ropes to suit your play area.

Space nets are rope structures that challenge children like trees do. Children experience a wonderful sense of achievement and exhilaration in reaching the top and looking out over their surroundings. They develop their co-ordination, strength and confidence, whilst playing at heights at relatively low risk. Nets are relatively transparent, so even though they are large in size, they don’t dominate the landscape.

Choose from different heights and single or double mast structures, available in a choice of
rope colours and foundation types.


Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

3+ - years
Play Type

Play Type

Physical, Social, Challenging, Locomotor